New look, same Mariani goodness

Mariani California Prunes 2023

We are absolutely thrilled to officially announce our fresh new look designed to honor over a hundred years of history with the next generation in mind.

When our great-grandfather founded Mariani 117 years ago, he did so on the simple and humble promise of producing great-tasting dried fruit, and today that promise proudly remains unchanged. We like to imagine what Paul Mariani would think of his company today, and, really the world in general. Life might move a bit too fast for him these days (considering that the same year Mariani was founded, the Wright Brothers received a patent for their ‘flying machine’ and today roughly 100,000 commercial flights take off and land every day!). Yet we are confident he’d look around our orchards, our facilities, at our values and at our people with a big ole’ smile on his face. 

So much of our success as a company is due the desire instilled in us by Paul to nurture and grow relationships – relationships with our growers, our partners, our employees, and you - our community. And a big part of a relationship is listening and making sure you are providing value, as good friends do. 

As the next generation of our family steps to the helm of the Mariani ship, we want our packaging and branding to reflect who we are as a company today, while honoring our heritage.  And moreover, we want to continue fulfilling our mission to be a delicious solution for families everywhere who are trying to eat a little bit healthier every day. Because when it comes down to it, we are all trying our darndest to eat ‘right’ for our own sake while raising healthy, happy families!

We have been busy over at Mariani HQ. Check out a preview of the fresh look on our heritage line below:

New Mariani Dried Fruit Packaging Design

Spot our new look in a store? Take a pic and tag us on Instagram (@themarianifamily) ! We'd love to connect with you!

We are so excited for the next generation of Mariani, and we hope you are, too!


From our family to yours, 

Natalie Mariani Kling, CCN