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Our Family Story

In 1906 our Great Grandfather, Paul Mariani, left his hometown in Croatia and sailed to the United States of America.  Though we’re sure the reason for his journey was to create the life of his dreams, he was also following his high school sweetheart, Victoria. 

Now in our fourth generation, with Mathilda’s grandson, George Sousa Jr. as our President, 7 working family members and over 450 Mariani employees, we remain committed to quality, innovation, and living the values that were exemplified for us so that we can be examples of those values for the next generation. 

As we raise our own children, we see more than ever the impact that real, whole, plant based food can have on the health of our families. Our mission is to make the world’s best dried fruit so that you and your family can make real, nutrient rich food the fuel for your life. .

Let’s go!

From our family to yours,

The Marianis