Harvest and
Product Sourcing

The best dried fruit starts at the source

We make sure that we personally walk through the orchards with our growers.  We look them in the eye, shake their hands, and build long lasting relationships based on trust. 

Our growers are important to us, because we know that the best dried fruit comes from every grower’s commitment to quality - from planting, all the way to making sure that harvest is conducted only after the sun-ripened fruit has reached maximum maturity. 

We choose growers who align with the best practices such as the Food Safety Modernization Act and sustainability development. They are very conscious of the crop, the land, and water usage. They know that the best crops have the best nutrients, and that nutrients start with the soil. The more nutrients, the better the flavor!

We work with our growers all over the world to ensure that they are following the same best practices and safety protocols as we do in California.

When our customers and their families open a bag of Mariani dried fruit, it HAS to be the best!  That’s on us!  So you can be sure that we start at the source every time.