Road Trippin' with Mariani Dried Fruit: Summertime Snacks Essential for your Trip!

Summer is here, and adventure calls! 

In our family, one of our favorite summertime activities is a road trip. Whether it's just a quick weekend getaway or a cross-country journey, road trips are such a fun way to create cherished memories. But, as any parent knows, traveling with children can be a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping them fed and happy. The solution – road trip friendly snacks, like dried fruit!

Delicious, easy to pack and requiring no refrigeration, dried fruit is a snack you can feel great about offering your kids. And with so many varieties to choose from, like raisins, vanilla yogurt raisins, apricots, mangoes, and (our brand new!) Mariani fruit chips, there is sure to be one that your child loves. If you're feeling creative (and in need of some entertainment until the next pit stop,) you can even turn dried fruit into a fun activity for the kids, like using raisins to create a game of counting or sorting. Added bonus — dried fruit provides essential nutrients (and fiber!)  to keep everyone energized and feeling full. 

Another tasty and road trip friendly snack is a homemade trail mix. Mix together your favorite Mariani dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate chips (personal fave is Guittard’s extra dark chocolate chips!) and you have a healthy and delicious snack the whole family will love.

Summertime road trips with your family are an excellent way to create unforgettable memories, and when powered with Mariani dried fruit, sure to be delicious!

Happy adventuring, folks!

Natalie Mariani Kling, CCN