New Horizons with the Partnership Between Mariani Packing and Treasure 8

Treasure8, the San Francisco-based food tech group known for its unparalleled dehydration innovation technologies, is partnering with Mariani Packing Co., an industry leader in dried fruit and packaging innovation, to bring a new look, taste, and audience to the sector.

Together, the two companies not only hope to bring more whole foods nutrition to new corners of the world for more people, but also create products that utilize upcycling technology and have a sustainable impact on the planet.

Mariani and Treasure8 will have an immediate global impact and demonstrate that purpose-driven partnerships, combined with new technology, can bring the rapid scale and change needed for the food system to improve — quickly.

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA (January 14, 2021) — Treasure8, the San Francisco food tech group with a purpose to Deploy Nutrition for Humanity and Mariani Packing Company (Mariani), a leader in the global dried fruit industry with a vision to Inspire Healthy Living, announced today they will be working together to not only help create a better food system, but reimagine the way the world buys, sees, and tastes dried fruit and vegetables. The two have committed to not only improving and expanding the category, but also working to create options from upcycled sources, bringing them to corners of the world desperately in need of nutrient dense sustenance. This is a major business milestone for the young San Francisco company, who, through partnering with the established Mariani, will immediately become an internationally felt brand and impact.

Treasure8 has made news in recent years for its revolutionary SAUNA™-based dehydration technology and partnerships platform, which is capable of sustainably capturing more flavor and nutrients from fruits, vegetables, fungi, and other organic material. The company leads with its mission to lead a Resource Revolution®, creating a strategy designed to make healthier, more affordable, and more sustainable nutrition for the greater public. As the world finds itself in a third wave of COVID-19 and confirmed cases increase drastically by the day, the need for better, accessible, disease-fighting nutrition is more evident than ever. Through its partnership with Mariani, Treasure8 adds instant operational readiness (IOR) to its partnership platform so that scale and impact can be brought to a global audience as soon as humanly possible.

Mariani is the world’s largest independently and family-owned company, and are leaders, in dried fruit nutrition categories with a history of operational excellence and embracing and commercializing outside innovation solutions. It’s respected by its stakeholders for its four-generation-long reputation as caring and highly professional processors and distributors of dried fruit nutrition. Mariani brings its manufacturing and commercialization platform to the partnership and in turn, benefits from Treasure8’s SAUNA technology and cutting-edge innovation capabilities for its current and future products. Together, the partners aim to bring a fresh face to the long and steady look of dehydrated fruits — and beyond.

“Working with Mariani is a key step for us in further accelerating our partnership platform which is critical to scale our nutrition solutions as quickly as we can,” said Timothy Childs, Founder, and co-CEO Treasure8. “Our ultimate purpose is to Deploy Nutrition for Humanity, and with Mariani’s 4th generation vision to Inspire Healthy Living, our interests are perfectly aligned to accelerate each other’s growth and impact.”

Added Treasure8 co-CEO Derk Hendriksen, “Any time we have an opportunity to expand our capabilities, we want to take advantage of it. And this is an enormous one. Mariani is a long-established company with extensive scale and knowledge and it’s an honor to team up with them to make a difference in the global food system.”

Additionally, Mariani’s Chairman, Mark Mariani, “With the 4th generation running our family business today and the health of future generations in mind, we’re excited to accelerate our innovation journey and embark on a new chapter with Treasure8 that will help extend our global platform into healthy living solutions for people worldwide.”

About Treasure8: Treasure8 is a food tech group utilizing proprietary and regenerative methods to battle the urgent global climate and nutrition crises. Through a variety of sustainable and specialized techniques, Treasure8 is able to create ingredients and products that provide more accessibility, flavor, and nutrition. Treasure8 was founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur and co-CEO, Timothy Childs, and today has helped some of the world’s largest companies develop and advance their products. Additionally, Treasure8 has exclusively commercialized the USDA’s patented SAUNA™ system, one of the world’s most powerful dehydration systems. It is backed by the CA Energy Commission and with the USDA, named a 2018 winner of the US Far West Regional Federal Technology Transfer Award, a 2019 ASABE “AE50” Award, received a 2019 World Changing Ideas Honorable Mention from FastCompany, and a 2020 Grant from ReFed for the COVID-19 Food Waste Solutions Fund.

About Mariani: Mariani Packing Company, Inc. is the world’s largest independently and family-owned producer of dried fruits. Since 1906, the Mariani family has been providing premium quality dried fruit to consumers and customers all over the world. The company produces over 150 million pounds of dried fruit each year and Mariani’s dried fruit ingredients are used in some of the largest, most recognized food brands in the world. The Mariani family of products can be found in over 40,000 retail outlets in the United States and over 65 countries worldwide. For more information, visit, @TheMarianiFamily social media sites, or call 707-452-2800.