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Mother Nature's Candy

Deliciously sweet, perfectly chewy, and oh-so-versatile. Those reasons alone can convince you to eat more dates, but did you know that dates are also nutritional powerhouses?

Date Recipes

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Wild Rice Salad with Dates and Almond Gremolata

This salad deserves a spot on your holiday table.

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Whipped Ricotta Stuffed Dates with Rosemary

The *perfect* bite for any cocktail hour!

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Date ‘Candy Bar’ Bark

A viral social-media trend worth the hype!

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A Favorite in Our House

These dates are so delicious. It's one of our family’s favorite snacks.


Excellent Quality Dates

Love the quality of these dates and that they are available direct from the producer. Great alternative to satisfy a sweet tooth. A++ product.


Learn More About Dates

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Four Delicious & Nutritious Reasons to #DatesAll Day

Delicious, versatile and really good for you…dates rock! Here are four incredible, nutritional reasons why we should all be excited about dates.

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Mariani Dates 101

Did you know that dates may very well be humankind’s oldest cultivated fruit – as early as 6000 BC!? Or that dates grow in large clusters on a date palm tree? Keep reading for more fun facts about Mariani Dates!

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Naturally Sweet Holidays

With Halloween just days away and the festive season upon us, a few things are certain: extra joy, laughter, and, unfortunately, an overload of processed sugar. Never fear, naturally sweet dates to the rescue!

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